City of Binghamton, New York

Citizen Police Academy

The relationship between the community and law enforcement should be a natural partnership striving toward mutual goals. The Citizen’s Police Academy is an ideal environment in which to develop assessment, communication, evaluation and networking within this partnership.

Citizens who attend are familiarized with each component of the Binghamton Police Department. It gives the participant a direct feel for the critical decisions officers are called upon to make during their careers.

The CPA is a free 5-week class that will highlight various units within the Police Department; and each class is taught by the Officers themselves. Among the units represented will be SWAT, CSU, K-9, Patrol Division, DWI, Detectives, firearms training, police ride-alongs, and more.  

The CPA is held two evenings per week from 6:30—8:30 pm, in the Police classroom located on the basement level of City Hall.

The culmination of the academy for those in attendance is a graduation ceremony attended by members of the department’s executive staff. Graduates are also presented with a certificate of completion. The Citizen’s Police Academy is an excellent means of learning about the police department and police work in general.

The latest CPA (spring 2017) was geared towards high school and college aged applicants. 25 students successfully completed and graduated the course.

If interested in the CPA, contact the Crime Prevention office at (607) 772-7093, or e-mail Lt. Michael Senio to inquire. 



The next course will likely be fall 2017.