City of Binghamton, New York

City Secures $2.7 Million FEMA Demolition Grant


BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) — Mayor Richard C. David today announced the City of Binghamton has secured a $2.7 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for purchase and demolition of 23 properties in flood hazard areas.

“This funding advances a transformative project to reduce blight and make our community more resilient to floods and natural disasters,” said Mayor David. “We’re putting in motion a strategic redesign of several neighborhoods across the City and significantly improving residential areas near downtown. It’s a testament to this Administration’s efforts to think big and fight for resources to accomplish our goals.”

The $2.7 million FEMA grant will fund acquisition of property, demolition and removal of structures, disposal of demolition debris, site restoration and professional services associated with the project. The 23 properties will become permanent open green space to enhance flood hazard mitigation and prevent future property loss during a flood event.

This project advances the City’s “blight cluster” focus by targeting multiple blighted properties in a single neighborhood. A cluster of 14 demolitions south of Susquehanna St. will redevelop a long blighted residential area into open green space. A map of that cluster is attached.

“I thank Sen. Chuck Schumer for his unwavering support for this project and fighting for Binghamton’s share of federal funding,” said Mayor David. “I discussed this grant with Sen. Schumer personally and appreciate his efforts to make sure this project was funded and the award process was expedited. Sen. Schumer has been a great partner in Washington.”

The 23 properties part of the grant award are:

·         20 Carroll St.

·         24 Carroll St.

·         30 Carroll St.

·         1 Duke St

·         4 Duke St.

·         5 Laurel Ave

·         79 South St.

·         81 South St.

·         14 Tudor St

·         15 Tudor St.

·         23.5 Tudor St.

·         25 Tudor St.

·         17 Tudor St.

·         21 Tudor St.

·         1 Valley St

·         3 Valley St.

·         7 Valley St.

·         9 Valley St.

·         11.5 Varick St

·         5 Varick St

·         7 Varick St

·         6 Vermont

·         16 Zane Rd.

Property owners will be paid market value for the parcels. The grant will fund relocation assistance for any individuals or families residing at these properties. The City of Binghamton will officially notify property owners and begin the FEMA acquisition process shortly.

The project must be completed by Dec. 31, 2018. A FEMA award letter for the project is attached.


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