City of Binghamton, New York

Current Projects

The City of Binghamton takes on several improvement projects each year to strengthen our community’s health, safety, and aesthetics. The improvements vary from park enhancements to street reconstruction to sewer separation, and they are often funded by federal and state sources. Most city coordinated projects (some are coordinated by other agencies such as NYSDOT) are executed by contracts, which are overseen by the Engineering Department. The street Mill and Pave program is carried out in-house, and is overseen by the Public Works Department.


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Map Legend

Street ready for mill and pave map icon Ready for mill and pave
street in need of minor repair before mill and pave map icon Minor repairs needed for mill and pave (may be milled and paved this season)
being prepared for next mill and pave season map icon Preparations for next mill and pave season
water line replacement map icon Water line replacement
sewer separation map icon Sewer separation
street reconstruction/sewer separation map icon Street reconstruction/ sewer separation
Storm sewer construction map icon Storm sewer construction
city coordinated project map icon City coordinated project
NYSDOT project map icon NYSDOT project
Traffic Signal  icon Traffic Signal Removal Study

Federally Funded Projects

Federally Funded Projects, which are funded by the Federal-aid transportation program, provide us with the opportunity to maintain, rehabilitate, reconstruct, expand and otherwise improve our highway and bridge network. The successful partnership between federal, state and local agencies helps ensure that our residents, businesses, and visitors have a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound transportation system that meets the needs of the traveling public, while promoting and supporting economic growth.

Most of this work is coordinated through the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS), a regional transportation planning agency. All project selection and funding allocation is determined by consensus of the members, and the BMTS region includes not only the urban core of Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott, but also suburban areas stretching from the Village of Owego to Chenango Bridge, Conklin, and Kirkwood. BMTS offers a range of regional transportation documents and reports for review.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed of the activity of this important planning agency, which represents one of the most important funding streams for local infrastructure work.

Current Ongoing Projects

  • Court Street Gateway - Completed - Spring 2013

Projects Currently Under Design

  • Chenango River Trail Connection - Proposed Start - Summer 2014
  • Front St. Gateway - Proposed Start - Spring 2014
  • Front St. / Clinton St. Reconstruction Under RR Bridges - Proposed Start - Spring 2014
  • Exchange St. Bridge Rehabilitation - Proposed Start - Fall 2013
  • North Bank Susquehanna River Trail - Proposed Start - Spring 2014

Locally Funded Projects

Projects of this nature are typically done by contractors, and are therefore overseen by the Engineering Department.

2013 City Wide Projects

  • 2013 Curb & Sidewalk Replacement Program
  • 2013 Catch Basin / Manhole Replacement
  • 2013 Street & Utilities Improvement
  • 2013 Emergency Repairs [City Owned Street & Utilities]

2013 Water Line Replacement

  • Hayden St. [Mendelsohn – Schubert]
  • Grand Ave [Carhart – Cleveland]
  • Chapin St. [Gerard – End]
  • King St. [Walnut – St. John]
  • Lisle Ave [Full Extent]
  • Locke Dr. [Full Extent]
  • Garden Ave. [Full Extent]
  • Wagner St. [Full Extent]

2013 Sewer Separation

  • Lathrop Ave. [Laurel – west 525’]
  • Millard Ave. [Leroy – Davis]
  • Clifton Blvd. [Fuller Hollow – Jutland]
  • Grand St. [Telegraph – Kress]

2013 Street Reconstruction / Sewer Separation

  • Johnson Ave. [Laurel – Beethoven]

2013 Storm Sewer

  • Richard Ave. [Full Extent]

Streets Ready for Mill and Pave

All Scheduling for the Mill and Pave program is done solely by the Department of Public Works. A street's appearance on this list does not guarantee it will be milled and paved during the construction season.

  • Jarvis St [Clinton - Main]
  • Park St [Main - Grand]
  • Patricia St [Margaret - Riverside]
  • Westland Ct. [Full Extent]
  • Laurel Ave. [Bennett - Seminary]
  • Brevity Ct. [Full Extent]
  • Helen St. [Schubert - Main]
  • Orton Ave. [Main - Schubert]
  • Mozart Ave. [Orton - Dead End]
  • Matthews St. [Leroy - Harrison]
  • Leroy St. [Chestnut - Beethoven]
  • Division St. [Margaret - West End]
  • Chapin St. [Seminary - Riverside]
  • Walnut St. [Ayres - Seminary]
  • Front St. [Main - Clinton]
  • Chenango St. [Henry - Lewis]
  • State St. [Henry - Hawley]
  • Carroll St [Henry - Court]
  • Henry St. [Fayette - Chenango]
  • Burlington [Woodland - Sherwood]
  • South Washington St. [Corbett - Morgan]
  • Vestal Ave. [New - Park Ave]
  • Guilfoyle Ave. [South Washington - Park Ave]
  • Espial Dr. [City Line - Circuit]
  • Otseningo St. [Conklin - Levee]
  • Homer St. [Conklin - Belden]
  • Felters Rd. [Conklin - CityLine]
  • Macon St. [Full Extent]
  • Rubin Ave. [Full Extent]
  • Monroe St. [Full Extent]

Streets in Need of Minor Work Before Mill and Pave

A street's appearance on this list does not guarantee it will be milled and paved during the construction season. Streets in this list are likely to be 100% ready for mill and pave by the beginning or during construction season, but are still not guaranteed to fit in with the logistical schedule. All Scheduling for the Mill and Pave program is done solely by the Department of Public Works.

  • Mygatt St. [Clinton - Elm]
  • Beethoven St. [Main - Schubert]
  • Murray St. [Seminary - Main]
  • State St. [West State - Chenango]
  • Susquehanna St. [Stuyvesant - Isbell]
  • Isbell St [Full Extent]
  • Brookfield Rd. [Full Extent]
  • Tompkins St. [Conklin - Webster]
  • Esther Ave. [Full Extent]
  • Richmond Ave. [Full Extent]
  • Wilcox St. [Full Extent]
  • Alice St. [Robinson - Court]

Streets Being Prepared in 2013 for Mill and Pave in 2014

These streets may need any of the following preparation work to be ready for future milling and paving: Water service replacement, sewer lateral replacement, gas line replacement, curb replacement. Preparation of this nature is typically done by contractors, and is therefore overseen by the Engineering Department.

  • Titchener Pl [Full Extent]
  • Ridge St [Full Extent]
  • Conti Ct [Full Extent]
  • Markay Ct [Full Extent]
  • Stanford Pl [Full Extent]
  • Seminary Ave [Kneeland - Beethoven]
  • Taylor Pl [Full Extent]
  • Murray St [Leroy - Seminary]
  • Walnut St [Seminary - Main]
  • Oak St [Main - RR]
  • North St [Front - Chapin]
  • Exchange St [Full Extent]
  • Amsbry St [Full Extent]
  • Walter Ave [Full Extent]
  • Bevier St [Chenango - Brandywine]
  • Whitney Ave [Full Extent]
  • Earle Dr [Full Extent]
  • Athan St [Full Extent]
  • Allendale Rd [Full Extent]
  • Hotchkiss St [Penn Ave - Dead End]
  • Marilyn Ave [Full Extent]
  • Unadilla St [Full Extent]
  • Lamont St [Full Extent]
  • Telegraph St [Full Extent]
  • Parsons St [Full Extent]
  • Proctor St [Full Extent]
  • Farview Ave [Full Extent]
  • Sunset Ave [Full Extent]
  • East St [Fairview Terr - Monroe]
  • Bingham St [Full Extent]
  • Gold St [Full Extent]
  • George St [Broad St - Moeller]

Traffic Signal Removal Studies

A number of traffic signals will be studied for removal, as the volume of traffic may no longer warrant the use of expensive to maintain traffic signals. In ongoing efforts to keep public works assets as inexpensive to maintain as possible, the City will remove as many traffic signals as safely possible by following the removal procedure set out by ITE guidelines and the City Traffic Board

Click here to send us feedback on any of these studies and how they affect you and others in the vicinity of the traffic signals under study.