City of Binghamton, New York

Planning, Housing, & Community Development

Department Overview

In order to further our goal of a desirable, safe city in which all residents can live, work, study, worship, play and have opportunities to improve the quality of their lives, the Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development (PHCD) is committed to a progressive vision of building and strengthening our diverse community by providing government services that foster economic vitality, sustainable growth, homeownership and quality housing, civic engagement and empowerment, and neighborhood stability.

Summary By Divisions

The PHCD Department is currently comprised of 10 staff members across three divisions: Planning (4), Housing (2), and Community Development Administration & Management (4).

  • The Planning Division is committed to achieving quality development consistent with local plans and regulations, as well as state and federal laws. The Planning Division also plays a key role facilitating communication between departments, coordinating policy and investment decisions to maximize positive impact, assisting other departments with grant development and project management, and working closely with residents, community groups, the private sector, and all levels of governments on shared goals to achieve a more sustainable and livable community. The Planning division includes the Zoning Officer, which is responsible for zoning administration and enforcement. 
  • The Housing Division, which adds no local tax burden and is funded fully by HOME and CDBG annual block grants (HUDprograms), manages and monitors all housing rehabs for qualified homeowners, and works closely with affordable housing agencies to improve access to safe, sanitary, and quality housing for income qualified tenants.
  • The Management Division oversees approximately $5 million annually in federal and state grants to remove blight and enforce code, repair roads, improve parks, assist small businesses and create jobs, carry out planning initiatives, and help new and current homeowners and renters access affordable housing services and resources.