City of Binghamton, New York

Crime Mapping and Analysis

The Binghamton Police Department engages in a collaborative approach to data-driven, focused crime reduction.

We now work within our own local law enforcement framework to analyze timely and accurate crime data, to gather and share field intelligence and to employ effective strategies in an effort to develop long term, sustained crime reduction.

In the fall of 2007, the City of Binghamton shared a proposal with County partners to consolidate GIS services and expertise to a new Countywide Division, which would be funded by multiple sources. With financial support from the County Emergency Services and the County Sheriff's Department, the City and County signed an intermunicipal agreement in July 2008 to consolidate GIS services to a County Division. Through the agreement, the Binghamton Police Department receives dedicated assistance with crime mapping and analysis.

At present, Broome County GIS provides maps and statistics on Part 1 Crimes on a weekly, monthly and year-to-date basis. These maps are used by police administration for strategic planning and the most effective allocation of resources. Adding this new analytical tool also enables administration to identify "hot spots" and adapt proactive measures for improved crime prevention.