City of Binghamton, New York

Youth & Community Engagement


The City of Binghamton offers and supports a wide variety of programs and intiatives focused on providing youth services, support and engagement. 


The following are the core values upon which the City of Binghamton Youth Success Initiative stands.

  • All youth are in need of equal access to quality youth developmental services, supports and services.
  • All youth deserve appropriate individualized treatment that respects gender and sexual orientation, and cultural, physical, social, emotional and linguistic needs.
  • All youth deserve to live in a healthy and supportive environment; to grow to reach their fullest potential; to attain high academic achievement; to be socially, emotionally, and physically competent; to avoid unhealthy risk taking behaviors and to ready by age 21 to become active and productive members of society. 
  • Services for children, youth and their families should be guided by the principals and practices of positive youth development.
  • Input from and the involvement of young people are essential to the planning, implementation and evaluation of youth programs.