City of Binghamton, New York

Mayor Initiates First Wave Of Code Enforcement 'Sweeps'


(BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) — Mayor Richard C. David today joined members of the City’s Code Enforcement Department to announce details of this year’s first wave of code enforcement sweeps, beginning on the East Side.

“These sweeps are a proactive measure to put our code officials on your streets and in your neighborhoods,“ said Mayor David. “We’re sending a strong message that sooner or later, City property owners must clean up their act and improve the condition of derelict properties.”

A code enforcement “sweep” utilizes all of the City’s code enforcement inspectors and focuses on a targeted neighborhood at one time to maximize results. Code enforcement inspectors go block-by-block in a specific area, identifying violations where they exists.

Mayor David lead seven code personnel in this year’s first code enforcement sweep on multiple East Side blocks. In addition to Wednesday’s code sweep, the City has planned more operations in the coming months:

April 26: East Side

May 10: First Ward

May 25: South Side

June 15: West Side

June 29: Downtown

July 13: North Side

At Mayor David’s direction, the City has conducted regular code sweeps yielding thousands of citations, the majority of which are brought into compliance without criminal court summonses. Violations include: high grass, trash and garbage, exterior property conditions and unsafe sidewalks.

“When code enforcement officials canvass a neighborhood and bring dilapidated properties into compliance at the same time, it can have a compelling impact on the housing stock,” said Mayor David. “Code issues impact not only property values, but safety and quality of life.”

The City’s Code Enforcement Department consists of officers responsible for enforcing New York State and local municipal codes that govern the maintenance of properties and structures. Code officials respond to complaints and provide enforcement services, in relation to the exterior and interior condition of buildings. This work includes periodic inspections of structures for compliance with life safety and property maintenance regulations.

In 2016, Mayor David announced the City’s code enforcement operation would break into six code precincts. Each inspector is assigned to a specific area of the City and focuses solely on those neighborhoods, becoming intimately familiar with the precinct and its property owners.

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