City of Binghamton, New York

Mayor: Residents Should Be Aware Of Water System Scams


(BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) — Mayor Richard C. David is encouraging residents to contact the City with any questions or concerns before making investments in their homes related to the quality of their drinking water.

The City’s Water Department has received complaints recently about private plumbing companies visiting residents’ homes, reporting their drinking water is unsafe while attempting to sell them home filtration units or other expensive systems.

Residents should always request a free inspection from the City, which includes testing of their drinking water, before paying for work on their water systems. Before a contract is signed, residents should also request proof of valid permits and verify the contractor is licensed in the City of Binghamton.

“Binghamton’s water quality is excellent, but scare tactics by private companies or individuals trying to make money are, unfortunately, not uncommon,” said Mayor David. “Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to such scams. Residents should know City departments work for them and are always willing to help with any question or concern involving City services.”

The Binghamton Water Department routinely tests city drinking water, as required by the state. Last year, the Binghamton Water Plant performed more than 800 microbiological tests for bacteria in its distribution system, exceeding the required number of tests by more than 200. The plant also tested for more than 140 other contaminants last year. Test results showed no microbiological standard violations and no concentrations of contaminants above the state regulated maximum contaminant level.

The complete Annual Water Quality Report for 2016 is available on the City’s website.

To request an inspection by the Water Department or for other questions and concerns, residents should call (607) 772-7210.

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