City of Binghamton, New York

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission for the City of Binghamton is a seven-member commission comprised of residents of the city. Four members constitute a quorum. 

Planning Commission meetings are held the SECOND MONDAY of the month, unless otherwise posted. Planning Commission meetings are held in the City Council Chambers at 5:15pm, unless otherwise posted. 

In accordance with Chapter 18, Article V of the Code of the City of Binghamton, the Mayor of the City of Binghamton may appoint the members of the Planning Commission, subject to the approval of City Council.

Members Expiration Appointed By
Nicholas Corcoran 12/31/2018 Mayor & City Council
Maura Cahill 12/31/2018 Mayor & City Council
Paul O'Brien 12/31/2019 Mayor & City Council
Mario DiFulvio 12/31/2019 Mayor & City Council
John Chanecka 12/31/2020 Mayor & City Council
Arthur Ospelt 12/31/2020 Mayor & City Council
Joseph De Angelo 12/31/2020 Mayor & City Council

Planning Commission Application Process

To apply to appear before the Planning Commission an applicant must provide the following:
1. Completed City of Binghamton Planning Commission Review Application. Click here for application & associated materials.
2. Site plan that includes information required by the Site Plan Checklist (included in above application materials).
3. Completed Short Form Environmental Assessment Form (included in application materials).
4. Application Fee (fee structure is listed in the application materials)
5. Applications & associated materials may be submitted to the office of Planning Housing and Community Development on the fourth floor of City Hall.

Pre-Development Meeting for Applications to the Planning Commission (Required)

Prior to appearing before the Planning Commission, applicants must attend a Pre-Development Meeting. Pre-Development Meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Applicants must make an appointment to appear at a pre-development meetings. Please call 772-7028 to reserve a time slot.

Pre-Development Meetings provide an opportunity for potential applicants to meet with members of the Planning Department, Building Bureau, BEDO, Corporation Counsel, and Engineering Department and discuss the potential project. At the pre-development meetings the staff members with work with the applicant to determine what types of approvals, if any, are necessary for the project to proceed.