City of Binghamton, New York

Board of Electrical Examiners


The City of Binghamton Board of Electrical Examiners was established by the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 225, Article II, § 225-12.

The duties of this Board are to hold periodic meetings, provide examination and certification for skilled trade licensure; make recommendations for granting and issuance of licenses; suspension and revocation of licenses; imposition and collection of fines; keep records of all its meetings and proceedings; manual of rules and regulations.

The Board is comprised of five persons who are appointed by the Mayor and residents of the City of Binghamton.

Skilled trade licensing for Journeyman and Master Electricians is administered through the Office of Building Construction, Zoning, & Code Enforcement, under the direction and oversight of the Board of Electrical Examiners. For information about the qualifications and testing for licensing, please contact the Electrical Inspector, Jeramie Bell, at (607) 772-7004.

In accordance with Chapter 225, Article II of the Code of the City of Binghamton, the Board of Electrical Examiners is composed of five (5) City of Binghamton residents appointed by the Mayor of the City of Binghamton. One of such members shall be a staff member of the Division of Buildings and Construction of the City of Binghamton, who will act as Chairperson; one shall be a master electrician who has at least five years of experience in electrical contracting and construction work and who employs one or more journeyman electricians; one shall be a journeyman electrician who has at least five years of practical experience in electrical construction work; one shall be the Fire Marshall of the City of Binghamton; and one shall be a person not engaged in any of the above-mentioned occupations of the other members of the Board. The representative of the designated inspection agency of the City of Binghamton shall be an Ex-Officio member of the Board and shall be a non-voting member.

Members Appointed Appointed By
Thomas McIntosh 12/12/2014 Mayor of the City of Binghamton
Kevin McDevitt 02/27/2012 Mayor of the City of Binghamton
William Emmons 02/27/2012 Mayor of the City of Binghamton
Jeramie Bell   City Charter & Code
Christopher Schleider, Supervisor of Building Construction, Zoning & Code Enforcement (Ex-Officio)   City Charter & Code
Al Gardiner, Fire Marshal (Ex-Officio)   City Charter & Code