City of Binghamton, New York

Building Construction & Code Enforcement

Department Overview

The Office of Building Construction & Code Enforcement promotes and enforces general compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the planning, development, construction, operation, and demolition of structures.

Our staff is comprised of NY State-certified code officials who provide a broad range of public services, including: compliance enforcement and complaint resolution; planning and design development, building construction permitting and trade licensing

We encourage and support public safety by ensuring that all buildings, structures and related equipment are designed, constructed, installed and maintained in compliance with the standards of established building codes.


Building Construction - code compliant planning, design, construction, and demolition of structures
Property Maintenance - code enforcement for safe operation of existing structures and occupancies

In addition to core service areas, the Office of Building Construction & Code Enforcement administers the Vacant Property Program. The Vacant Property program reduces blight by supporting the reconstruction and adaptive reuse of existing structures. Property owners and managers are encouraged to participate in these successful land use programs.

PERMIT FEES – for ALL applications


Estimated Cost



$1 - $5,000



$5,001 - $10,000



$10,001 - $20,000




Where Estimated Cost of Construction for the entire project is greater than $20,000 the fee is calculated, as follows:


Estimated Total Cost of Construction multiplied by.75% (or .0075), with maximum fee of $25,000 for any single, Building Permit.