City of Binghamton, New York


To protect the health of our citizens & employees, Binghamton City Offices are closed until further notice.



As of the date of this notice due to the present state of emergency and pursuant to Executive Order 202, et seq., specifically Executive Orders 202.15 (suspending public meetings); 202.22 (board of assessment review hearings) and the successor Executive Orders to 202, up to and including Executive Order 202.103, there are significant changes to the assessment and grievance process. These changes are addressed below.

A.  Access to Tentative Roll.  The tentative assessment roll will only be available for review online at in the External Links section.  If you do not have internet access, you may call the Assessor’s Office at (607) 772-7002 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday for information.

B.  Access to Grievance Forms & Booklets.  Grievance Day will be on May 25, 2021. If you disagree with your new assessment, in order to protect your right to assessment review, you must file a formal written complaint on the officially prescribed form (RP-524), available at, with the Board of Assessment Review (“BAR”) on or before May 25, 2021.  A publication entitled "Contesting Your Assessment in New York State" is also available at  If you do not have internet access, call (607) 772-7002 and a copy of RP-524 or "Contesting Your Assessment in New York State" can be mailed to you.  

C.  Access to the Assessor after Publication of the Tentative Assessment Roll.  While the Assessor will be in attendance in her office with the tentative assessment rolls on May 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Binghamton City Hall remains closed to the public.  However, the Assessor will be available to discuss the tentative assessment roll by telephone at (607) 772-7002.  You may also email her at or call to schedule a conference call. 

D.  The Filing of Grievance Applications.  All grievances applications for the BAR must be filed with the Assessment Office on or before the close of business on May 25, 2021. Grievance applications may be submitted (a) by regular mail, (b) by attachment to an e-mail sent to, or (c) deposited in the Assessor’s mailbox located in the lobby of City Hall.  Complainants must submit all supporting documents as attachments to their grievance application when it is submitted by any of the above submission methods.  Additional supporting documentation may only be submitted upon request of the Assessment Office or the BAR and must be received at least 48 hours prior to the complainant’s assessment hearing.   

E.   Grievance Hearings.  Pursuant to Executive Orders 202.15, 202.22, and the successor Executive Orders to 202, up to and including Executive Order 202.102, neither the public, complainants, nor their agents, will be permitted to attend assessment review hearings in person.  All assessment review hearings will be conducted virtually and/or telephonically. The public will be able to view and/or listen by calling the telephone number and using the daily access codes published on the Assessment Department’s webpage.  To facilitate the video and telephonic hearings, all complainants must provide the name and e-mail address of each person they wish to have participate, such as attorneys and/or experts, at least 48 hours prior to the hearing.  If complainant does not have access to a computer, please indicate so on application and the hearing may be held via conference call.  Assessment staff will contact the complainant via phone at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to provide a call in number and access code.

D.  E-mail Communications.  All e-mail submissions, such as grievance applications, supporting documentation and attendance lists, must clearly identify in the subject line (a) the owner, (b) the street address and (c) tax parcel number/s for the grieved properties. 

Given the present State of Emergency, there may be necessary updates to these grievance procedures.  You are advised to regularly check the Assessor’s website at departments/ assessment for information regarding the filing of written complaints to the BAR under the most current Executive Orders.  While you may call or email the Assessor for additional information, Binghamton City Hall remains closed to the public.


Department Overview

The Department of Assessment is responsible for maintaining the public record of all parcels of realty within City of Binghamton boundaries. The primary function of the department is to prepare ad valorem valuations of real estate for tax assessing purposes.


  • The tax roll of the City of Binghamton is established on a tentative basis as of May 1st each year, and the roll is finalized on July 1st each year. 
  • All exemption applications are due in the Assessment Office by March 1st of each year.  
  • Taxable status date is March 1st of each year. 
  • Valuation Date is July 1st of the prior year.
  • 2021 City of Binghamton Equalization Rate is 79.00
  • 2021 City of Binghamton Residential Assessment Ration is 79%
  • The Department of Assessment will answer any questions relative to realty assessment.

Online Assessment & GIS Information

Assessment & GIS information are available here.

Exemption Application Forms 

All exemption application forms and instructions are available on the New York State Department of Taxation website.

Homestead / Non-Homestead

The City of Binghamton currently has a two-tiered tax rate system for City & School Taxes. Homestead (H) properties are 1, 2, & 3 family properties & vacant residential land. Non-homestead (NH) properties are exclusive of 1, 2, & 3 family properties & vacant residential land. County tax does not have two-tiered tax rate system

Tax Rates for properties within the City are listed below. (please note: School Taxes are levied on September 1st of year prior to year listed)


Tax Rates

  Year City Tax (levied 01/01) County Tax (levied 01/01) School Tax (levied 09/01)
  2021 21.920099(H) / 40.750133(NH) 9.268913  
  2020 21.922758(H) / 40.761629(NH) 9.155881 30.699261 (H) / 43.810047 (NH) 
  2019 22.627088(H)/ 41.072891(NH) 8.904269 29.903087 (H) / 42.754372 (NH)
  2018 22.843959(H)/41.290304(NH) 9.032395 28.706379 (H) / 41.086928 (NH)
  2017 23.380485(H)/42.012639 (NH) 8.784104 28.670076 (H) / 41.220773 (NH)
  2016 23.447158(H) / 42.310531 (NH) 8.906687 28.625877 (H) / 41.282099 (NH)
  2015 23.369412(H) / 42.328461(NH) 8.957851 28.150335 (H) / 40.584602 (NH)
  2014 23.25219658(H) /  41.67282721(NH) 8.871260 27.868862 (H) / 40.179838 (NH)
  2013 23.21682194 (H) / 41.26967947 (NH) 8.522972 26.893593 (H) / 38.788773 (NH)
  2012 21.690058 (H) / 40.423750 (NH) 8.747927 26.393088 (H) / 38.072404 (NH)
  2011 21.49766249 (H) / 39.80578826 (NH) 8.820697 25.516503 (H) / 36.887395 (NH)
  2010 20.865225 (H) / 37.235052 (NH) 8.357835 24.7865650 (H) / 35.783381 (NH)

Tax Bills

All tax bills for properties within the City of Binghamton are printed, mailed and collected by Broome County.  For information on payment options please go to the Broome County Real Property website.