City of Binghamton, New York

Office of the Treasurer

To protect the health of our citizens & employees, Binghamton City Offices are closed until further notice.

  • In person payments may be placed in the Treasurer's Office payment drop box located in the 1st floor lobby of City Hall (NO cash)
  • Payments may be made online for Water/ Sewer Bills and Parking Tickets
  • Payments (NO cash) may be mailed to City of Binghamton, Office of the Treasurer, 38 Hawley St, Binghamton, NY 13901


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Department Overview

The City Treasurer's Office, under the supervision of the Treasurer, is responsible for the preparation, mailing, and collection of all Water/Sewer bills.  This Office is also responsible for the collection of parking tickets, avoidable alarms,  property maintenance charges and processing of all funds received by the City.   Additionally, this Office sells City Garbage Bags, Stickers, and Compost Bins.  Related responsibilities include accurate record keeping of all transactions, follow-up collection efforts concerning delinquent Water/Sewer accounts, maintenance and reconciliation of bank accounts.

The Treasurer's Office no longer is the collector of taxes.  Property and school taxes, in-rems, bankruptcies and tax certificates are now handled by Broome County.  Please contact the Broome County Tax Assistance Line at (607) 778-2309 or visit the County's Tax Collection page, or use the County's Tax database to search and review tax bills for any City property.

Water/Sewer Bills

  • Property owners are billed three times a year for water/sewer service; bills are due on the 15th of the month following the month of issue.  All bills paid after the due date will be assessed a 8% late fee, if bills remain unpaid 30 days after due date an additional 4% late fee will assessed. Refer to the district map below to determine your bill's month of issue.
  • Bills can be paid online using a credit card or an electronic check.
  • Payment periods have been extended to 45 days to accommodate those on fixed monthly incomes.
  • Partial payments are accepted.
  • An additional 4% late fee will be added after a bill is more than one month late.
  • Delinquent Water Bills: If a water bill account is delinquent with a balance that exceeds $200.00 at any time, then water service shut off may occur in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 405-52 of Binghamton City Code.

Water Reading/Billing Districts

Reference the following map to determine when water bills are due in your area of the City.

Map Legend - Bills are issued for each district on the first of each indicated months.

South Side yellowOct, Feb, Jun  First ward and Downtown redDec, Apr, Aug West Side blueNov, Mar, Jul  North and East Side greenSep, Jan, May

Parking Tickets

  • Although parking tickets are issued through the Police Department, the Traffic Violations Bureau is part of the Treasurer’s Office.  The Bureau, which is responsible for the collection of payments, also handles inquiries and parking ticket appeals. The Parking Violations Bureau can be reached at (607) 772-7087.  Parking tickets can be paid online using a credit card or an electronic check. You may also phone your credit card payment in by calling 1-866-658-6085. There is a $3.50 service fee for this service.
  • Parking tickets are payable at the Treasurer's Office.  Avoid additional fines by paying your tickets promptly.

Avoidable Alarms

  • The City of Binghamton Code of Ordinances requires that all police and fire alarms are licensed through the City Clerk.  Each calendar year, the first two police alarms are not charged to the property owner or alarm user.  The third alarm, however, is $25, and each subsequent alarm is $50.  If you have questions regarding avoidable alarms, please call (607) 772-7027.

Property Maintenance Charges

  • If a property owner fails to maintain his or her property and creates a health or safety hazard, the City may charge the property owner for repairs and upkeep.  The Code Enforcement office will issue an invoice for labor and materials, payments may be made at the Treasurer’s Office. If you have questions regarding billing for the work performed, please call Code Enforcement at (607) 772-7010.

Garbage Bag, Sticker, & Compost Bin Sales

  • Blue City garbage bags are sold at the cashiers’ windows in the Treasurer’s Office and at many stores in the Binghamton area.  Compost bins can be purchased at the cashiers' window on the second floor. We also provide bags by the case through our office.  If you are interested in becoming a retail vendor for garbage bags, please call (607) 772-7027.